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Polyconcrete Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of concrete effect external architectural mouldings.


With over 20 years of experience in the construction and building materials industry, we are a company with a modern outlook and bring to the industry a uniquely versatile product with an ever-increasing demand.


Our mouldings are suitable for private and commercial buildings, historic restorations and new build projects of every scale, style and complexity.

They are designed for external use and can be made to match all stone and rendering finishes with accuracy.


Whether from one of our existing ranges or for a bespoke project, all our mouldings are carefully manufactured in our workshop to the highest quality control standards.

We offer a comprehensive service, including design, manufacture, supply and installation.


Our mouldings are manufactured through a unique combination of polystyrene and a specially formulated stone effect coating - hence the name 'Polyconcrete'. 


The polystyrene centre is cut to the desired design using our CNC machine.


The shape is subsequently coated with our unique stone-effect coating making the final product solid, durable, waterproof, heatproof and giving it an authentic stone quality finish.


The mouldings can then be painted by hand using external masonry paint or we can provide the mouldings readily finished in any render colour of your choice.


Depending on our client's requirements, we can supply the mouldings as whole units or in multiple parts for assembly on site.  


 Our unique design holds several positive material properties with respect to, insulation, fire resistance, durability, ease of maintenance and many more.


Cross section diagram


  • Waterproof.

  • UV resistant.

  • Temperature resistant from -40°C to 60°C.

  • Durable and shockproof.

  • Lightweight material – minimal load to walls.

  • Low material cost.

  • Low transport cost.

  • Low installation cost – no need for a crane.

  • Simple and quick installation – glue fixing on covered pegs or brackets.

  • Easy matching and cutting on site.

  • All stone layer finishes available- Portland, Limestone, Sandstone.

  • Guaranteed work continuity for bricklayers.

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Easy to fix if damaged.


  • Significantly reduces load on walls 

  • Lower cost of material.

  • Lower cost of cutting.

  • Lower cost of transportation.

  • Easier handling on site.

  • Lower cost of installation – no need for crane.

  • Easier and quicker cutting on site if needed.


  • Unlike GRP, our mouldings are not hollow inside.

  • Does not distort from the heat of the sun.

  • The stone layer does not crumble and chip off.

  • Allows work continuity for bricklayers.

Large bracket standing on a bench
Man lifting a ten foot column to demonstrate how light they are

For more information, please CONTACT US or view the PRODUCTS and SERVICES sections.

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