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Facia panels


Above is an example of one of our most popular fascia panel styles which resembles Ashlar rendering.

Ashlar rendering has been popular since the 18th century and is still used today to create a line design or a block effect.



  • Protection from external mould and temperature fluctuations

  • Up to 70% faster installation than traditional rendering

  • No need for specialist staff -incredibly easy fitting

  • Can quickly cover uneven surfaces


  • Cheaper overall cost


  • Lightweight – easy transportation, installation, and increased safety


  • Fire safety – non-combustible.


  • Prevents Cold- Bridging


  • External insulation saves energy by reducing the demand for heating.

  • One-time investment helps you to save on heating costs every winter over the whole building lifespan.


  • Can deal with both structural and aesthetic issues.

Our Fascia panels are multifunctional; not only do they improve the external appearance of a building, but they also provide added insulation.


Around 25% – 35% of the energy used to heat homes in Britain is lost through solid property walls.


Our Fascia panels are supplied readily weatherproof and an attractive stone or render finish. The result is a new looking property and one that will be much more effective at keeping the cold out and keeping the heat in.


Our Fascia panels also help to prevent “Cold Bridging”, which occurs when a material that is a good conductor of heat makes a “bridge” between the warm interior and the cold exterior. They are a significant source of heat loss and can lead to mould and condensation forming in buildings.


Our exterior wall panels resist the buildup of unsightly mould and algae. They cover scarring and surface imperfections and will not chip, flake, or peel. They are also resistant to penetrating damp. All of which eliminates the need for frequent re-painting, and our exterior wall coatings are guaranteed for extra peace of mind.

Wide view of polyconcrete facia panels


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