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Survey available in London -  £350 + VAT

Refundable against orders over the value of £5,000.

Two men installing door surround

If you do not have structural plans or diagrams, detailing the dimensions of the building/structure to which you would like mouldings added, we offer a site survey to discuss options and take down the necessary  measurements for providing an estimation.

During the survey, we also check for any structural issues that need to be accounted for, take photos and discuss the individual requirements and design preferences of the client.

Once we have obtained all the necessary information, we can issue an estimated cost of the project. If the client is happy with the estimation and would like to go ahead with an order, our design team will put together precise CAD design diagrams which are presented to the client for approval prior to production once a deposit is paid.

We understand that architectural mouldings are a relatively specialist building product and often a one-off purchase that not everyone knows a great deal about, therefore involving us at an early stage in the project ensures that any issues can be addressed from the start.


Design service - £500 + VAT 

Refundable against orders over the value of  £5000

All our mouldings are precisely designed using CAD software which is an essential of production.

We can match to an existing moulding sample provided by the client or obtained from a site survey, or use new design drawings to produce bespoke mouldings.


Any simple cornice or complicated corbel can be easily achieved and produced exactly to your specification and to the highest standard.

Sketching on a Tablet

If you already have design diagrams of your own, we can use these to manufacture your mouldings. (Requested format DWG, DXF, PDF) 

CAD diagrams are necessary for production. If you do not have any design diagrams of your own or sample mouldings that we can use to match to, we provide a design service whereby we will design drawings for you based on your specifications. These designs can be changed up to a maximum of 3 times to achieve the desired look.


Workman checking polyconcrete order on building

We offer our customers the option to use our expert fitting service.

Our specialist team of fitters understand all the particular characteristics of our product and, therefore, can ensure a perfect installation every time.


For relatively simple moulding features, e.g. a corbel, quoins or cornices - most building contractors will have all the necessary skills to install them correctly. 

We can offer a quick training session upon delivery of goods.

For independent FITTING INSTRUCTIONS, please click the link.


For more complex features - e.g. a portico - our customers often prefer to use our expert installation service. 


We have safely delivered our products across the UK and have now shipped to over 35 countries worldwide.

The delivery cost varies greatly depending on the order's scale, shape and quantity of items.


For international shipments, we can quote for deliveries directly to the required site or for timber crate collection from our workshop.

Clients are also welcome to collect their orders directly from our short-term storage facilities.

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