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To discuss your specific requirements and place on order, 

please send us an e-mail to 

or call us on 0203 015 9653

Row of columns

Our columns and pilasters can be created in any design and expertly manufactured in our factory, where our highly skilled craftsmen can assemble moulds containing intricate details.

Our columns look and feel like real stone however they weigh significantly less, making them much easier to install and transport. 

We can manufacture a wide range of different styles and sizes to meet your requirements.


If your columns/ pilasters are being used to support a porch roof, or balcony the columns will be made with a hollow centre to allow them to be fitted over metal support poles.

Pricing varies depending on size and detail level of columns.

Top of a column showing additional detail
Man lifting large polyconcrete column to show how light they are!
Two ornate sqaure columns standing togther
Covered walkway with columns and archway at the endarch-architecture-building
Two sqaure columns pictured against a wall
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