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A cornice is generally any horizontal decorative moulding that crowns the top of a building. The main function of a projecting cornice is to throw rainwater free of the building walls. In residential building practice, this function is also sometimes handled by projecting gable ends, roofs, and gutters.

A coving, similarly to a cornice can also be used to crown the top of a building, but it is usually smaller, less detailed and more uniform in size and shape.

Covings and cornices are most often used as decorative elements and can also be effective as window or door heads. 

Our covings and cornices are lightweight and strong, made from high-quality polystyrene covered with a weatherproof durable concrete which is available in a  wide range of stone finishes and colours.

Whether you are a trade or retail buyer, our products are a great value choice. The Polyconcrete range of cornices and covings is the ideal solution.

There are lots of profiles to choose from, each with a distinctive style, and a choice of sizes. 

Take a look at our standard range or contact us with a bespoke request.

You can also order a sample here. 

Our latest product in our cornice collection is our gutter cornice -  also available with the option of a lighting feature. 

Cornice and covering of building exterior
Cornice end cap
Cornice view from below
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